The diabolical Calimar Space Horde has ruthlessly conquered the four planets of our once peaceful solar system, leaving the fate of these worlds in your hands. Take command of eight misfit warriors to restore peace to our galaxy and kick some serious Space Horde butt!

Play eight unique mercenaries torn from the greatest traditions of Sci-Fi: Space Marine, Animal Trainer, Space Cowboy, Priest, Id Master, Exxo, Healbot, and Technomancer.

Combine and control up to four characters at a time. Test out different team combinations and see who you like kicking tail with best!

Upgrade your mercenaries' skills by leveling up and researching awesome new techniques. Choose from over 100 items to use, from cute killer pets to laser guns and fuel rods for your dropship.

Take on badder and badder bosses as the Horde throws everything they've got at you. You've got to stay on your toes and figure out a way to beat them with just your team of outcasts!

Battle through more than 40 levels including the battle Arenas where you can develop strategies and find rare, powerful, items!

Team up with your friends in asynchronous Social Raids to get fuel and loot, or share valuable gifts to beef up your battles.